Stinehour Editions in Lunenburg, Vermont, specializing in Book design and the reproduction of artwork and photography, with services in layout, scanning, inkjet printing, production management, printing and binding.
Stinehour Editions, specialists in print publications, portfolios, imaging, scanning, inkjet printing, label design

Stinehour Editions is a studio dedicated to printing and its related arts. We view our work as collaboration, specializing in the design of books, exhibition catalogues, portfolios and printing projects of distinction in the visual arts. Our services encompass design & layout, editing, proofreading, scanning, retouching, proofing, scheduling, production management, printing 
and binding.

Our emphasis is on the fine reproduction of art and photography, providing
flat bed scanning of  artwork up to
16 x 20. Photography of art and documents, including on location shoots. Files corrected and prepared for publishing or archival purposes and
delivered via internet or hard copy. 

Digital Darkroom--retouching, image restoration, manipulation, color correction and printing separations.

Fine art prints -- Archival pigment ink prints of superlative quality for exhibitions, portfolios, and facsimile reproductions. 
Books -- Limited edition bespoke books, designed and printed in the studio. 

Proof prints available for print publications and color matching.

We also offer black and white film processing, from 35mm up to 8 x 10 inch sheet film.

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Book Design, Drum Scanning and Fine Art Inkjet Printing by Stinehour Editions in Vermont

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